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Bible Companions

compainions There is nothing more important than for a Christian to die to self, put off the old man, and put on the new man every day… and there is no better way to do that than through regular and daily devotions. Most devotional books are either completely open ended or else contain a daily sermonette. These three Bible companions actually go through the Bible. Roughly one chapter per day is covered and extra chapters are suggested for those who want to read more.

In each chapter covered, the Bible Companion gives the reader the “outside edge pieces of the puzzle.” It explains the context of the chapter, gives cross reference verses, asks questions (with blanks) of the reader, explains difficult concepts, and preaches a little. It allows both teens and adults to have a structure for their Bible reading and makes it more than just “crossing off a box”. All the Companions also include a prayer journal and some accountability boxes to mark off for church attendance.

We have used these for years at our church and we are polishing them up for publication. The New Testament Companion is now available, and the Old Testament Companions will be following shortly.


v-books Although discipleship is far more than studying Biblical topics, Bible study books are an excellent tool to use during discipleship.

Voyage: Discipleship Book 1 – Contains ten easy lessons on the basics of the Christian faith: Bible reading, prayer, church attendance, etc… It is good for use in a class or in home Bible study.

Victory: Discipleship Book 2 – Is a longer, deeper Bible study book that covers important theological and controversial topics. It is designed to fill a year’s worth of classes in Sunday School or Wednesday night.

Vision: Discipleship Book 3 – Teaches faithful men how to disciple others and what is required to do so.

We have used Voyage and Vision for years at our church and we are polishing them up for publication. Victory is still under construction. Voyage: Discipleship Book 1 is available now in our bookstore. The rest will follow shortly.

Training Resources

training Biblical Youth Work – Not just a book on youth activities, it gives a Biblical foundation for youth work, discusses the relationships required, hits key topics, and also covers the nuts and bolts of youth ministry. This is a book for parents, teens, and youth leaders alike!

Money is a Defense – This book takes a hard look at money matters and manages to show how a spiritual view of money fits well with a practical one. Filled with very specific advice, challenges, and a plan to follow – it can life altering. It especially contains some pointed guidelines and ideas for teens to follow in order to correctly set their financial direction for their future.

Others – Several other books are in the pipeline, including The Family Cult, and Subculture.

Biblical Youth Work and Money is a Defense are both available to purchase in our online store!