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Senior Pastor Jim Krohn

As of 10/22/2014 Pastor Krohn became the Senior Pastor of Southeast Bible Baptist Church. Pastor Krohn preaches the main church services, provides counseling, teaches in the Christian school and administers all Church ministries, the Christian school, the Bible Institute, the camp, etc. Andrea, his wife, serves faithfully with him with the same unique dedication. In counseling and in service she is able to help the women/girls of the church in a way that a man sometimes can’t.



Pastor Krohn was called to work with teenagers on February 14th, 1990 and started serving just two days later. His love for not just teenagers, but the whole family has been a hallmark of his ministry from the very beginning. Pastor Krohn’s calling for many years was that of a “second man” (one who does not feel called to the senior pastorate) and it was that calling that has allowed him to have such extensive experience with youth. In a day when the average youth pastor serves for just eighteen months, his years as the youth leader of one church speaks to his commitment. Formerly the ‘Pastor of Family ministries’ Pastor Krohn preached at most youth functions, taught in the Christian school, ran summer camps, taught Sunday School and teen Bible studies as well as administered and taught in the Bible Institute.

“If you don’t have your child’s heart, it is likely that he does not have yours.” Pastor Jim Krohn


Secretary Maria Rickner

The power behind the throne. If you want things done around here, talk to Maria. Seriously :)

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