Youth Group

...teaching them to observe all things...

A Church Service for Teenagers
We combine sports, games, and fun with the powerful preaching of God's word every Friday night.

Activities almost every week, which include everything from a game night to sports to oddball games to trips. Plus there are messages from the Bible that are geared for the needs of a teenager.

Who: Everyone age 12-18 – All are welcome – bring a friend!
When: Almost every Friday!
Where: Right at the church


Contact Caleb or Jennifer Krohn (585) 315-7164

Bible Studies!

In addition to our Friday night youth group, the youth ministry also hosts teen Bible Studies on Wednesday nights. Each of these are run by a youth leader of the church and are usually organized by age. While each Bible study has a curriculum, the smaller numbers in each class allow time to be given to answer each teenager’s question. The emphasis is on developing your own walk with the Lord and being able to understand the Bible for yourself.

Be at the church Wednesday at 7:00.

Our Youth Philosophy

Training Godly Habits
We stress daily Bible reading and Prayer and seek to make that a habit for each teenager.

Unlike many youth ministries that ignore the parents, we recognize that the mandate and responsibility to rear children lies with the parents. Our goal is to be an asset to the family. A hundred years ago, the culture of this country was much friendlier to training children for the Lord. In a day and age where media and entertainment do much to influence children away from their parents and away from the Lord, we try to be a trusted ally to the home. Biblical values and honoring parents are both reinforced, multi-generational fellowship is encouraged as parents are always welcome at youth group, and training is given not just to the teens, but to their parents.

Our vision is to see teens develop their own walk with the Lord. We desire every teen to use the blessings of a godly home and a godly church to “stand on the shoulders of their parents” and become all that they can be for the Lord.