Commonground Baptist Camp

Christ Honoring, Affordable, Modest Attire, Preaching Centered

When To Arrive

Some key things for Summer Camp!

Registration Time:

You should arrive and settle into your cabins the Monday of your camp week between 12:00pm and 2:30pm (each week of summer camp starts on a Monday). Late arrival really puts your kids at a disadvantage so I encourage you to be timely. Please have a completed registration form filled out for everyone on camp. We need this for medical as well as legal reasons!

When you come to the registration table, please be prepared with a count of how many guys (including counselors) and how many girls (including counselors) will be staying in the dorms. This greatly aids the registration process!

If you are a church in PA, it is important that you bring copies of the clearances for your church workers that came to camp. These should be handed in at Registration.

Cell Phones:

Only your church counselors are allowed to have cell phones and they are only allowed to use them for emergency purposes. It is forbidden for the kids to have cell phones so please do not let them bring them to camp.


Please remind your teens of the code of conduct we have at the camp. It would be best if any conversations needed were had ahead of time, instead of there being a problem at camp that would detract from your time there.

Bible Quiz:

There will be a Bible quiz for the juniors and teens in which every camper is encouraged to participate. We want the kids to study their Bibles. See the camp flyer for details on what chapters will be quizzed this year. The quiz will consist of a written test that the campers can take early in the week. From this quiz we will select the best scores to participate in an active quiz to determine the winner.

Skit Competition (teens):

Each church is also encouraged to enter one or two skits under 7 minutes in length. These will be judged ahead of time and the best three skits will be done in the Thursday evening service. The skits can be funny or serious or a mixture of both.

Young Preachers (teens):

Any teenage boys in your group who are called to preach will be allowed to preach for 3 minutes in one of the services. Please encourage them to prepare before camp! They can sign up during registration. All the 3 minute preachers will be judged and given constructive comments on their evaluation form.

Music Specials:

If you have singing groups in your church, they can sign up at the registration table to sing one song during one of the services. Please no background tapes. All specials will be previewed before they sing in the service.

Fast and Pray!

As always let me encourage you and your teens to fast and pray for God’s blessing on all aspects of the retreat, both physical and spiritual. All the effort put into the camp will be wasted without God!

Directions: (see the direction section for more detailed directions)
• From I-79 in PA, get off at exit 99 and take 422 East toward Butler.
• Go roughly 10 miles and take a left onto North Road. It is NOT North DRIVE.
• The camp is about 7/10 of a mile up the road on the left hand side.
• Mount Chestnut Nazarene Center, 177 North Rd, Butler, PA 16001.