Commonground Baptist Institute

Extension Institute.

Commonground Baptist Institute is a ministry of a local, independent, Baptist, church and we believe very strongly in the autonomy of the local church. Our ideal goal would be to work through the pastors of other local churches to help them train their people. We call this our extension institute ministry. The pastorate is extremely busy and demanding. CBI can provide you with the time saving materials needed to train your own people. Here are some of the details:

$120 Base Cost per Course without work scholarship
$90 Base Cost per Course with work scholarship
10% Discount when ordering 5 or more courses
YOU distribute courses
YOU purchase courses for the people in your church
YOU meet with your people once/week
YOU may decide to teach or only proctor classes
WE personalize our course work for YOUR church
WE will send you teaching notes if you desire to have night school classes
WE purchase textbooks and send them with the course material directly to your church
WE grade any projects
WE provide the curriculum
WE grade tests
WE use our admission requirements
WE maintain all of the records
WE award our diploma to the students who graduate