Commonground Baptist Institute

General Information.

Christian Service

While a student is enrolled in CBI, Christian service is required. This will be accomplished by performing a weekly activity under the supervision of their pastor.

Lifelong Learning Units

Units can be earned for life and/or work experience. These units will apply toward the academic programs; however, they are non-transferable. To receive guidelines and to apply for Lifelong Learning Units, please acquire an application from the administration office.

Standard of Conduct

CBI bases its standard of conduct on Biblical principles. All students must agree to abide by the standard as set forth by the school. All students must realize that attendance at CBI is a privilege and not a right. Therefore, any student whose conduct is considered a poor testimony for Christ will be counseled and disciplined. The school reserves the right to refuse admission or dismiss a student whose personal conduct or attitude, in the judgment of the administration, is not consistent with the Christian spirit and standards which the school seeks to maintain.

Testing Procedure

Students must take all tests in the presence of a proctor. All proctors must be pre-approved by the school’s admission department by filling out the Proctor Request Form before registering for the first class. A proctor cannot be a relative or someone who lives in the household. Preferably, a proctor should be a pastor or someone in the teaching profession.


All textbooks are supplied by the school and are included as part of your course fee. For a few select courses there is an additional book fee to help cover
the cost of expensive books.