Commonground Baptist Institute

Course Descriptions.


BI 501 Systematic Theology I – An advanced study of the major Christian Doctrines including Theism, Bibliology, Theology, and Angelology.

BI 502 Systematic Theology II – An advanced study of the major Christian Doctrines including Anthropology, Soteriology, Ecclesiology and Eschatology.

BI 508 Apologetics – An advanced study of the defense of the Scriptures. The evidences for central truths of Christianity are emphasized.

BI 511 Romans – An advanced study of the book of Romans.

BI 512 Pastoral Epistles – An advanced study of the pastoral epistles.

BI 515 Life of Christ – A chronological study of the life of Christ as found in the four gospels. Special emphasis is given to the major themes and events in the life of Christ.

BI 516 Psalms – An advanced study of the book of Psalms.

BI 518 Pastoral Reality – An advanced study of the pastorate and the call of God. Emphasis is also placed on the relationship of a pastor to his people and to other pastors.

BI 519 Bible Prophecy – An advanced study of the books of Daniel and Revelation with an emphasis on the relationship between these two books.

Christian Education

CE 502 Pastoral Theology – An advanced study of the principles of administration for effective organization and administration of the local church.

CE 505 Christian Family – A study of principles for having a successful home are studied. The Biblical principles of marriage and child training are emphasized.

Speech Courses

SP 501 Homiletics – An advanced study of the principles of preaching.


CO 501 Comprehensive Counseling – An advanced, detailed, and comprehensive look at the entire spectrum of counseling issues.

CO 505 Family Counseling – An advanced study of the principles and techniques for premarital and family counseling from a Scriptural perspective.

CO 506 Counseling Issues – A study of the issues that Christian Counselors face. Many different issues are examined.

CO 507 Theology of Counseling – A systematic look at the Biblical basis for counseling and it’s application.


ED 501 Philosophy of Christian Education – An overall view of the concept and Biblical basis for Christian education The total church education ministry is explored.

ED 502 Christian School Administration & Finances – An in depth look at the foundation, forming, and finances of Christian schools. An apologetic for the Biblical basis and need of Christian schools is included.

ED 504 History of Christian Education – A study in the history of Christian education.

ED 507 Tests and Measurements – A study in how to construct tests and properly measure a students progress and effort.

ED 508 Special Education and Special Needs – An introduction into the growing and difficult field of dealing with students with special needs.

ED 510 Dealing with Difficult People – An overview of handling the problems and people associated with administrating a Christian education program.

ED 511 Starting a Christian School – Details are given dealing with the difficult task of starting a Christian day school. Format, curriculum, relationship to the church, and a step by step process are some of the topics discussed.